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According to Dutch law the minimum renting period shouldn’t exceed 6 months. This listing mentions minimum 1 year renting period


Per July 1st for at least one year.


Situated on the ground floor of an old but renovated building in a very quiet area close to the beach and boulevard


The apartment features an entrance, hall, built in closet, bathroom with shower, cabinet with washing basin and mirror cabinet, toilet and design radiator, an oak kitchen with appliances, a cellar, a patio with back entrance, a spacious living with high decorated ceiling, a marble gas fireplace and light oak parquet floor, a roomy bedroom with high decorated ceiling and a garden room with floor tiles, floor heating and sliding doors. The apartment has almost everywhere double glazed windows and is central heated.

Public Transport

to be reached with tram 1, 9 and bus 21, 22 and 23


Shops and supermarkets are available at 5 to 15 minutes walking distance.


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The Apartment costs 30 euro per square meter

The price seems truthful for this type of housing. The average price of this type of housing in the Netherlands is 850€/month without utilities included.


Your Apartment is worth 78.000 euro.

We checked the WOZ status versus rent ceiling. If the tenancy agreement is not liberalised, the rent payable for rented housing is subject to a ceiling. The maximum rent depends on the quality of the housing. You can work out the maximum rent for your home using the rent points system (in Dutch).


The cadaster states this is the owner: “Mark van den Akker”

Please double check who owns the Appartment. If the owner and the prospective landlord are not the same ask for an explanation, and if necessary ask for a written authorisation confirming that the landlord and/or agency are acting on the owner’s behalf.

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Don’t allow yourself to be pressured. Scammers are often in a hurry. Before you hand over large sums of money, please check the house and if the keys work.

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