Hello! Are you looking for a place to live in the Netherlands

There are thousands of people being scammed each year in student housing deals. Our mission is to stop this from happening by following these steps.

What is this platform?

We would like to bring back trust in the student housing market by offering a safe way to find your home in the Netherlands. We check the trustworthiness of your listing and help you with safe identification, deposit and final transaction.

Who built this platform?

This website is built by a team of internationals during the Hackathon for Good 2021 trying to combat horizontal fraud when searching for a student home in the Netherlands.

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Our mission

To bring safety to the student housing market of Netherlands. In recent years, students (both dutch and international) have been facing an uphill battle to find suitable and affordable accomodation.

More and more scammers have taken advantage of desparate students trying to seek their home in the Netherlands. Our platform tackles this issue by checking the landlord and offer information by our system called TrustMark.

Our partners

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